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Baby Bentwood Boxes

3 x 3 x 2"

Orca "The Traveller" - Orcas are free spirits. They are masters of their own adventures, and navigate life with their hearts. By Shain Jackson of the Sechelt Nation.

Moon Mask "The Dreamer" - The Moon represents a visionary, having an optimistic view of the world and participating in making it better. By Shain Jackson of the Sechelt Nation.

Wolf "The Protector" -  Wolves are the guardians of their families. They embody unconditional support, safety and togetherness. By Ray Natroaro of the Squamish Nation.

Thunderbird - The Thunderbird possesses the highest spiritual energy and represents the highest levels of power, courage, and prestige. By Shain Jackson of the Sechelt Nation.




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