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Passing Traditions on to the Next Generation

Khot-La-Cha Native Art Gallery

Entrepreneurship runs in the family.  Khot-La-Cha Art Gallery and Gift Shop is a second generation owned and operated First Nations business. Nancy Nightingale has been operating the business since 1989.  Her mother, Emily Baker, founded the store in 1969.  Nancy’s Great-Grandmother, Mary Agnes Joe Capilano was known for her basketry.  Also known as the “Indian Princess of Peace,” Mary Agnes travelled all along coastal British Columbia by canoe to trade in the late 19th century.

Khot-La-Cha means “Kind Heart” in the Squamish language.  The store is named after Nancy’s late father Chief Simon Baker.  Khot-La-Cha was his traditional name. Nancy’s inspiration for her business is her father.  She is dedicated to preserving the legacy of her father as an ambassador of goodwill.  Nancy believes that it is important to keep the crests, stories and legends active, ensuring that the traditions will be passed on to the next generation.  Her main goal is to express and keep the First Nations culture alive through craft.

Khot-La-Cha continues to grow and prosper at the hand of Nancy Nightingale.  She is highly regarded and recognized in the local as well as the national community.